Rankings Usage/Info

I wanted to provide an explanation on how to best utilize these rankings as people tend to use them at face value, which is not the best way to draft. It’s all about value.

  1. Rankings should ALWAYS be combined with a sites ADP information. I have Yasiel Puig ranked 42nd overall (because I am a sucker for bounce backs). Would I draft Puig in the 4th round? In all likelihood no because I could wait 2-3 rounds and still get him. If ESPN has Puig going 85th overall and Yahoo has him going 75th overall, you can afford to wait a round or two. I think Puig is a borderline top 40 player, but there’s no reason to reach three rounds for him. ADP is largely dictated by a particular site’s default rankings. If you’re drafting on ESPN, be familiar with their rankings and same goes if you’re drafting on Yahoo/Fantrax. If Yahoo and ESPN are off by 50 spots on a player, he is likely to have a widely different ADP between the two sites.
  2. Always read and combine rankings from multiple sites. One person’s opinion is never going to be as accurate as a combination of opinions. I will always combine my personal rankings with at least two other sources. This helps even out some of the crazy takes.
  3. These ranks are for a standard 12 team 5×5 league.
  4. I mainly utilize ZScores to create my rankings as they help eliminate my biases. I do factor in my personal thoughts to some extent but the basis for all rankings are a combination of PECOTA/Steamer projections. I am a math guy and PECOTA/Steamer/ZIPS are the best that are freely available.
  5. As a general rule, I don’t draft elite closers or elite catchers. My rankings will reflect that. In a one catcher 12 team league, I am fully comfortable leaving the draft with Yan Gomes. I typically wait until the later rounds to start taking Cs and RPs.