Going to be out on vacation for a bit. Probably won’t be posting anything until the week of 1/16. Updated rankings and some more players to target all on the way. 

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There is no Hope: Catcher Waiver Wire

The catcher position is a mess this year. League wide the position is underachieving. We are early into the season, but 2016 is on pace to be the worst offensive season for catchers over the last five years. You have to go back to 2002 to find a season in which catchers were this inept on offense.

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Buy Low: Joey Votto

Joey Votto, the bane of uniformed Reds fan’s existence, is off to a poor start to the 2016 season. His .213 average is almost 100 points lower than his career mark and his OBP is a staggeringly low (for him) .330. The only real bright spot so far has been the nine HRs. Votto isn’t an ideal buy low given his atrocity of a team but there is so much to like about the underlying stats that I’m willing to take the risk that his RBI and R totals are a little lower than normal.

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