National League All Star Picks

Firstbase: Paul Goldschmidt (ARI)

Runner Up: Wil Myers (SD)

This is a three man race between Goldschmidt, Rizzo and Myers. Goldschmidt gets the nod for me due to longevity and an absurd .428 OBP. I went with Myers over Rizzo because the Cubs are going to show up a lot in this list and Myers is on pace for 36 HR, 106 R, 112 RBI and 22 SBs. He’s finally having his breakout and deserves a shot. That line hasn’t been achieved since Ryan Braun in 2012.


Second base: Daniel Muphy (WAS)

Runner Up: Ben Zobrist (CHC)

Pretty straightforward here. Murphy and Zobrist lead the NL 2B in WAR and the next closest player is a full win behind them. Murphy has been so good offensively that he gets the call over Zobrist even though a lot of Murphy’s success this year has been luck aided.


Shortstop: Corey Seager (LAD)

Runner Up: Brandon Crawford (SF)

Seager is another easy choice as he leads NL SSs in WAR and wRC+. He’s been everything that was promised this year. Crawford hasn’t been as great with the bat this year with a 104 wRC+ but his defense has been fantastic and he’s been a full win better than the next best NL SS.


Thirdbase: Kris Bryant (CHC)

Runner Up: Nolan Arenado (COL)

The NL infield was pretty easy to select outside of first base. Bryant was another easy choice with his combination of offense and defense being the best in the NL. Arenado was a tough choice over Matt Carpenter. I wanted to go with the homer pick, but Arenado’s defense is just so much better that he gets the nod. I’m sure all three of these guys will end up making it.


Catcher: Buster Posey (SF)

Runner Up: Wilson Ramos (WAS)

This race was a little tighter than I thought it would be but Posey deserves to represent the NL yet again. Ramos has been incredible on offense, but Posey is a better combination of offense and defense.


Outfield: Bryce Harper (WAS), Marcell Ozuna (MIA), Gregory Polanco (PITT)

Runners Up: Dexter Fowler (CHC), Carlos Gonzalez (COL), Yoenis Cespedes (NYM)

The NL OF was a tough one. There are a lot of players grouped together on the leaderboards. Harper is an easy call as there is. Yes, he’s disappointed some fantasy owners this year, but he’s been one of the best real life baseball players yet again. His .255 BABIP will turn around in the second half. Ozuna and Polanco narrowly beat out the next three. Both of them are having great seasons after big time disappointments in 2015. Both are strong in the field and at the plate. Cespedes would have been a starter over Polanco but he has been terrible in the field this year. Since this game counts for something, it makes him a liability but not enough to leave him out of the second group.


Starting Pitcher: Clayton Kershaw (LAD)

Runners Up: Noah Syndergaard (NYM), Jose Fernandez (MIA), Stephen Strasburg (WAS), Jake Arrieta (CHC)

Kershaw is the best player in baseball right now and only an injury can keep him from starting this game. The next four are all pretty easy as well. Strasburg gets derided by casual fans but has the 6th best FIP and 4th best xFIP in the NL. He deserves it.


Relief Pitcher: Kenley Jansen (LAD)

Runners Up: Seung-hwan Oh (STL), Hector Rondon (CHC)

Saves don’t matter to me at all in AS selections which is why The Final boss shows up. He has been one of the best RPs in the NL this year with the 4th best xFIP and 2nd best FIP. Rondon gets the nod over guys like Familia because he just isn’t walking anyone while maintaining an elite K rate. Overall, Rondon has been the best RP in the NL.


Unrepresented Teams

Jonathan Lucroy, C, MIL

Adam Duvall, OF, Cin

Aaron Nola, SP, Phi

Freddie Freeman, 1B, Atl

Lucroy and Nola are relatively easy choices for their respective teams. Lucroy has been the best Brewer by half a win and Nola has the 4th best xFIP in the NL. Both should be in consideration for starting roles. The Braves pick came down to Teheran and Freeman. Freeman wins because a lot of Teheran’s ERA is luck based. The Reds are a dumpster fire at this point. The only two acceptable choices are Zack Cozart and Adam Duvall. Jay Bruce would get a look but he has been an atrocity on defense. If the NL needed another glove at SS, Cozart would be the pick but both Seager and Crawford are good in the field so Duvall gets the nod.


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