Rankings – DH

Top 7 DH for 2016

1) Prince Fielder
2) Miguel Sano

Prince Fielder was excellent last year with 23 HRs and a .305 BA. The average was boosted by a full season career high BABIP of .323. The power is obviously legit, but the BA should drop back to his normal career rate. Either way he’s a great pick to fill in the Util spot in your lineup. Miguel Sano will be a hot commodity in drafts this year and with good reason. He has a legitimate shot to crack 40 HRs someday, but don’t draft him expecting that in 2016. Normally we might scoff at a 26.5% HR/FB but with a guy like Sano, that might be more legitimate than not. I don’t think the BA will help at all, but the chance at high 20s or low 30s HRs is worth any BA risk. If I knew he could hit .269 again, he’d be above Fielder, but his high K rate (35.5%) and insane BABIP (.396) last year lead me to believe that his average won’t be that high again (it was in a small sample, but he’s always been known as a guy who is unafraid to swing).

3) David Ortiz
4) Victor Martinez
5) Kendrys Morales
6) Evan Gattis
7) Alex Rodriguez

Ortiz just continues to produce and there is just no reason to doubt him outside of age. I will always worry about a 40 year old, even one as consistent as Ortiz which is why he is in tier two. Health is the big concern with Martinez heading into 2016. I think he can rebound from his awful 2015, but my confidence isn’t as high as it used to be with him. Kendrys Morales was great last year and it all looks pretty legitimate. I would expect his BA and RBI to drop because of natural regression, but both should remain valuable. Gattis should continue to flirt with 30 HRs but he’ll be a drain on the BA. If the Astros are as good offensively as they appear, he could really shoot up this list with a big RBI total. ARod had a return to form last season, but I’m not confident he can put up 33 HR again. He’s worth a draft pick, but I wouldn’t count on a repeat of 2015.

Intriguing Non-Ranked Guy: John Jaso, Pitt

Jaso is now in the NL and will no longer DH, but he’s really the only qualified DH who is even mildly intriguing. Jaso is a fantastic OBP guy and is absolutely worth a pick in those formats. In non-OBP leagues, he’s not as great of an option, but he could provide double digit HRs with a valuable BA. Nothing special but not a bad late option in deeper leagues.

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