Rankings – C

Top 30 C for for 2016

1) Buster Posey
2) Kyle Schwarber

You can’t go wrong with either of these guys. Posey’s worst season since his injury in 2011 was 15 HR, 61 R, 72 RBI with a .294 AVG. Injuries are really the only thing that would keep him from putting up #1 catcher numbers. I’m not sold that Schwarber’s BA will ever be an asset but he has power on a great team. That should put him in line for top of the catcher rankings even if he only bats in the .240s. Just check the ZiPS forecast if you want an idea of upside with Schwarber: 32 HR, 92 R, and 100 RBI with a .250 BA. I would pump the breaks some, but it’s hard to ignore those projections.

3) Jonathan Lucroy
4) Salvador Perez
5) Brian McCann
6) Devin Mesoraco

Lucroy was hampered by an injury last year and only played in 103 games. When healthy he was close to the same player he’s always been. The Brewers won’t be a great team which will likely hurt his contextual stats, but he should be a safe bet for a good average (for a catcher) and a bit of power. Salvador Perez has been selling out for power the last two years, and it’s only boosted his fantasy status. His ability to give high teens HRs combined with a decent BA is hard to find at this position. I’m a bit worried that he’s going to breakdown at some point which is why he is behind Lucroy. Brian McCann is about as consistent as it gets at this position, outside of Posey. The BA won’t help, but he should provide low 20s power with decent contextual stats. I likely won’t own any of these catchers but Mesoraco is the one I’d consider. His 2014 was powered by a lot of luck, but there’s certainly 20 HR power in the bat.

7) Stephen Vogt
8) Yan Gomes
9) Russell Martin
10) Matt Wieters
11) Travis d’Arnaud
12) Yasmani Grandal

Vogt was quite good last year. I’m not sold he has high teens power but that’s really my only knock. I covered Yan Gomes already and he will likely be my catcher in many leagues this year. Russell Martin was fantastic last year, but his HR/FB was 8 points higher than his career average. It’s likely that he’ll have a sub 20 HR season and his BA figures to be a problem again. If d’Arnaud could ever stay healthy, he has a shot at being a top 5 catcher, but that just doesn’t seem likely. He’ll be good when he plays but you have to be prepared for his DL stints. A lot of people will remember Yasmani Grandal’s awful end to the season and stay away. This would be a mistake as his 2015 is completely repeatable. If he can log the games he can put up the same numbers this year with some upside.

13) Wilson Ramos
14) Yadier Molina
15) Nick Hundley
16) Welington Castillo
17) J.T. Realmuto
18) Derek Norris

Wilson Ramos finally logged a large number of at bats and he was largely what we thought he’d be with a much lower BA. That low BA was a result of a .256 BABIP (.281 for career). I would expect him to put up something close to his 2015 numbers with a BA closer to .260. Hundley plays 81 games in Coors and batted .301 last year (not a typo). Welington Castillo was great last year but his HR/FB was 18.8% which is a lot higher than his career number of 12.6%. He is in a good park for power, but I wouldn’t expect 19 HRs again. Realmuto is one of the few catchers who is a threat to run, notching 8 SBs last year. If I thought he could get to 15 HRs, he’d be ranked significantly higher, but he just hasn’t shown the ability to consistently hit the ball in the air.

19) Blake Swihart
20) Francisco Cervilli
21) James McCann
22) A.J. Pierzynski
23) Miguel Montero

Blake Swihart is an intriguing name this year. His BABIP was .359 last year, but he hit 26.7% line drives in 309 PAs. That’s a small sample, but he could hit above .270 again. I wouldn’t expect much else from him, but I’d rather take a flyer on a former top prospect than any of the other names. Miguel Montero should be on a monster team and figures to catch the majority of Cubs games. That alone makes him worthy of a pick in deep or two catcher leagues.

24) Jason Castro
25) Robinson Chirinos
26) Kurt Suzuki
27) Chris Iannetta
28) Josh Phegley
29) Carlos Perez
30) JR Murphy

If Robinson Chirinos had the opportunity (and overall skillset) to catch 120 games, he might threaten 20 HRs. He’s hit 23 HRs in a little more than 600 PAs throughout his career. Chirinos just doesn’t have the overall skills to be a true full-time catcher which limits his upside severely. The rest of the names here are pick your poison. Hopefully you don’t play in a league where one of these guys ends up as your starting catcher.

Intriguing Non-Ranked Guy: J.P. Arencibia, Phi (for now)

This isn’t a great group to pick a non-ranked guy from. Arencibia is a major proponent of the “chicks dig the long ball” mantra. He will provide no help in other categories, but given some playing time, he can hit 10+ HRs easily. He’s currently third on the Phillies depth chart, but it wouldn’t surprise me if he caught on elsewhere if he doesn’t make the Phillies.

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