Rankings – 2B

Top 30 2B for 2016

1) Jose Altuve

Last year, Jose Altuve proved that he can be a five category contributor notching 15 HRs which was more than double his career high. He logged his highest HR/FB to date which might be more legitimate than not due to his increased flyball rate. He might not hit 15 again, but double digits is definitely possible. Due to his five category contributions he’s in a class above Dee Gordon.

2) Dee Gordon

Dee Gordon is a guy I’ve never been high on but it’s just hard to neg on a guy who can bat .280+ and steal 50+. While I do think his BA will drop some (BABIP rose nearly 40 points without any change in batted ball profile), it should still hover around .290. With a healthy Giancarlo Stanton and Christian Yelich, Gordon could eclipse 95 runs.

3) Robinson Cano
4) Rougned Odor
5) Jason Kipnis
6) Ian Kinsler

Here we have a tier bookended by two aging veterans. Cano showed last year that he can still be a valuable 2B. There’s no telling when he starts to decline but he’s still a pretty safe pick. Ian Kinsler should continue to put up solid numbers but I’m not sure what to make of his career high 25.4 LD% last year. In the middle we have Rougned Odor who I’ve already covered and perennial disappointment Jason Kipnis. Similar to Kinsler, Kipnis posted a career high 26.8 LD%. The five category potential is what keeps Kipnis so high in my rankings but he also comes with a lot of risk.

7) Josh Harrison
8) Daniel Murphy
9) Brian Dozier
10) Anthony Rendon

I am very high on Josh Harrison this year. I think we should see double digit HRs and steals with a good average. His 2014 was fluky but he’s now posted 1,000 PAs (between 2014-2015) at a 24% LD rate so the .330 + BABIP is probably legitimate. His multi position eligibility only increases his value. As for the rest, I really like Dozier as well but the BA is a major concern. If he slips in power that BA goes from acceptable to a major drain. Anthony Rendon is likely not a player I’ll draft this year. The upside is immense but the injury risk is just too high.

11) Kolten Wong
12) Dustin Pedroia
13) DJ LeMahieu
14) Ben Zobrist
15) Brandon Phillips
16) Neil Walker
17) Howie Kendrick

I covered Kotlen Wong already but the rest of this group has some intriguing options. Pedroia was actually pretty good last year (outside of steals) when he played. As long as he’s healthy, he should continue to produce. Brandon Phillips stole 23 bases and hit .294 last year. The stolen bases are likely to see a major drop off but the average might not. His career BABIP is .294 but that’s with a career LD rate under 20%. If his 24.9% LD rate last year continues, he might post another good BA season. Neil Walker should see an increase in HRs due to the home park change, but he’s average in the other categories. He’s safe but the upside is minimal.

18) Addison Russell
19) Starlin Castro
20) Jonathan Schoop
21) Cory Spangenberg
22) Brett Lawrie

Here is another group I’ll likely be targeting in deeper drafts. I’ll be lower on Russell than most, but I just don’t buy that he can hit above .260 yet and that limits his value. I covered Schoop in my Players to Target series. Spangenberg is a late speed target who might be capable of reaching 20 SBs if he can find a way to get on base more. He should bat leadoff for SD and could put up a decent R total.

23) Logan Forsythe
24) Joe Panik
25) Jose Peraza
26) Devon Travis
27) Scooter Gennett
28) Cesar Hernandez
29) Aaron Hill
30) Brock Holt

Some intriguing names in this tier, but nothing special. Panik is a BA guy who showed some power last year but he really needs to be paired with the right guys to be a true value to your team. Peraza is someone I would take a late flyer on. It doesn’t sound like he will leadoff anymore which hurts his value, but he could be a very cheap source of steals. Devon Travis would be ranked much higher if healthy, but until that point, I’ll let someone else overdraft him. Cesar Hernandez is an interesting late pick. He won’t put up great numbers but could be a good bench guy if he does indeed leadoff for the Phillies.

Intriguing Non-Ranked Guy: Javier Baez, CHC

Do you like power? If so gambling on Javier Baez is a great move. He’s in post hype mode and should come at a discount. If he can just cut down on the strikeouts (which he did in AAA last year) he could be an extremely valuable player. The potential for 20+ HRs is there. ZIPS is projecting Baez for 22 HR and 18 SB. I don’t think either of those numbers are likely, but I don’t think they’re farfetched either. He currently slots in as a bench guy in Chicago, but is worth the stash. An injury could open the door for a potential monster and if he still Ks 40% of the time, he’s an easy guy to cut bait on because the cost to acquire should be minimal.

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