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Players to Target – Jose Iglesias

Jose Iglesias is not a very exciting fantasy pick. He has little to no power and really only has one elite tool. However, he allows you to take a different path on draft day. Iglesias is a guy that won’t hurt you in any category besides homeruns and makes up for it by providing a great BA and OBP.

My main argument for Iglesias this year is that this could be his best year in the R and RBI category. He has yet to play in more than 120 games and hopefully with good health he can break the 130 mark. The other portion is that Iglesias should be batting at the top of the Detroit order. Iglesias has a career OBP of .336 and dropped a .347 OBP in 2015. Last year in his first full year in Detroit, he logged only 89 PA (out of 454) batting in the top half of the order. In the meantime, Anthony Gose (he of the .311 career OBP) logged 373 PA batting leadoff. Gose is the more exciting player and that likely contributes to him being the default leadoff guy. If Iglesias can steal some PAs at the top of the order, he could score 60-70 runs which will ease some of the hurt of the low HR total.

Iglesias has always carried a high BABIP (career of .328) and that should continue. He hit 21% LDs last year. Both of these can continue and his BA should be above .280 for a 3rd straight year. Iglesias also has some speed on the base paths and if healthy, should chip in double digit steals.

Steamer is giving Iglesias 4 HR, 51 R, 46 RBI, 13 SB, a .280 AVG and a .327 OBP. I’ll give Iglesias some leadoff PAs and say he gets 4 HR, 65 R, 52 RBI, 17 SB, a .292 AVG, and a .342 OBP.


Steamer 4 51 46 13 0.280 0.327
Spauny 4 65 52 17 0.292 0.342

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